I help moms savor the sweetness of early motherhood...by cultivating reverent rest, purposeful presence, genuine community connection and essential Mama self-care during pregnancy & postpartum transitions.

If your self-care consists solely of occasional bubble baths and solo coffee runs....

Brittany Fitzgerald

i like big bellies and i cannot lie.
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Look, I'm not saying I don't like (other people's) cats. I'm just saying I've never lived a life without my trusty canines by my side and life just wouldn't be the same without them. If you like cats, we can (probably) still be friends.... but only if you don't judge me for having the audacity to wear all black with two Husky pups at home.

Dogs > Cats

The truth is, I missed my Hogwarts letter because I never read Harry Potter until I had children of my own. But I gotta say, that red and gold letterhead sure looks good at the top of my many, many checklists and planning pages.

Brave of Heart

Books: I like ‘em earthy, birthy and wise.  I'm notorious for buying more books than I have room for, starting more books than I have time to finish and reading to my babies for far too long at bedtime.

Book Nerd

If you're buying... I'll take an iced vanilla bréve from the nearest local coffee shop and I'll forgive you for being late if the line is long. Because work can wait, coffee cannot.

Coffee is life

A Little About Muah.

Hello, From

Spokane, Washington

As a military family, we are currently stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base in the beautiful Inland Northwest region of Washington State.

After years of continuing education in all things #momlife, my services range from holistic childbirth education, luxury postpartum care and motherhood mentoring. I know it sounds like quite the spread, but it all falls under the same category. Family Life Education. It's like having a doula, but like... for your entire motherhood journey. How cool is that?

Through my husband's deployments, last minute trainings, military relocations and welcoming & mothering my own babies, I have finally found where I belong: sitting next to mamas as they navigate early motherhood (because no one wants to do this mom thing alone).

let's get started!

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