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Updated Nov 2022

Welcome to, as operated by Infinity Family Services, LLC and Brittany Fitzgerald. These are the rules if you want to use my website and the services or products available from my website. If you do not agree to these rules, you cannot use my site. I can change these rules whenever I want and will post the new rules on my site, whether you notice them or not. I have intentionally written them in a way that avoids legalese so that everyone can clearly understand and agree to the rules and understand their rights and responsibilities. 

We hope there won’t be any problems and that you will reach out to me if you are having issues with my site, service, or products. 

1.0 Site Services 

I agree to provide you with services, or the “Service” through In exchange for providing this service, I require you to follow these rules:
You must be at least 13 years old to use the Site, or if you are a resident of the EU, you must be at least 16 years old. Don’t lie about your age. If you are under 18, you agree that a parent or legal guardian agrees to these rules on your behalf. 

Don’t use the Site to do anything illegal or break the rules in our terms of use. 
Don’t change anything about our website or applications, upload any type of virus or malware, or do anything that might interfere with the way the Site or its services works.
Don’t do anything that might affect how other people use and enjoy the Site. Be a good neighbor.
Don’t encourage anyone to break these rules.
Use your common sense, and be a good human. 
Don’t post anything violent, or anything that promotes violence or violent groups, or that might make other people feel scared. 
Don’t post content that contains nudity, sexual violence, or commercial sexual services. 
Don’t post content that promotes crime or anything that would break US law.
Do not post content related to certain regulated goods, like selling or trading non-medical drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, or marijuana.
Don’t bully anyone or post anything horrible about people. By bullying, we mean making a degrading statement about someone or posting inappropriate images that threaten someone. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, you shouldn’t say it on the Site. And if you can’t say anything nice or at least constructive, maybe you shouldn’t say anything at all.  
Don’t post personal or private information about someone else. This includes someone’s contact information like their phone number, address, email, location, or other private details. 
Don’t post stuff that doesn’t belong to you or infringes upon someone else’s intellectual property. 
Don’t use anybody else’s account without their permission or try to find out their login details. 
Don’t let anyone else use your account. Keep your password secret. 
Don’t set up an account with someone else’s name, including a famous person or company. If you lie when you set up an account, you can be kicked off forever. 
Don’t use any type of software or robot to create accounts or access Site, and don’t use it send spam or unwanted messages to others.
Don’t register an account if your previous account was disabled or you were kicked off for violating our rules.
Don’t register for an account if you are not allowed to under any other rules or laws.
Don’t register if you are a convicted sex offender or convicted of any heinous crime against children. 

2.0 Your Rights 

2.1 You have the right to feel safe using Site. 

2.2 You have the right to your privacy on Site. Please refer to our [Privacy Policy] for details. 

2.3 Any communications made through our contact page, blog, blog comments, newsletter sign-up or other pages, or directly to me through phone, mail or email is not confidential and is subject to viewing and distribution by third parties. I own any and all communications displayed on my website, servers, comments, emails or other media as allowed by Washington State law, and I will not give credit or pay royalties for unsolicited user-generated content such as blog comments or emails. For more information on when and how I store and use your communications or any data provided by you in those communications, please refer to my Privacy Policy.

I reserve the right to republish or distribute anything you upload to my site as reasonable in the course of my business. You agree not to submit any content that could be illegal or serve an unlawful purpose, including, but not limited to, content that is potentially libelous or maliciously false, obscene, abusive, negligent or otherwise harmful or inappropriate.

2.4 If you are a resident of the EU, you have the right to be forgotten and can delete your account and the content on your page at any time by logging in and completing a delete request. It may take a few days to process and may be visible by others in the meantime. Some of your content that was on other accounts or pages or that was shared may survive and may not be deletable. Please think before you post. I may also keep your registration information for as long as I need to do to run my business and to follow these rules.

2.5 You are responsible for anything you do on Site under your login, including things you post and comment on. You are responsible for making sure the stuff you post belongs to you, including any music or photos. If you post something you shouldn’t and get a fine, you will have to pay it. 

3.0 My Rights

3.1 I amnot responsible for the following:

Links to other companies or websites, even when the link shows up in Site
What happens when you connect your Site account to another website or service, including sharing a picture or video. You should read the rules for that service to know your rights. 
The data cost on your mobile device for using Site or its services. 
Any content that is stolen or copied from the Site by someone else.
3.2 I can end the Site and its services at any time or stop you from using Site at any time for any reason without letting you know beforehand. I can also delete content you have uploaded for any reason, whether you think they violated these rules or not. I do not have to pay you if we delete content that was making you money. 

3.3 I can make you switch your username for any reason. 

4.0 Intellectual Property Rights
All images, text, designs, graphics, trademarks and service marks are owned by and property of Infinity Family Services, LLC, doing business as “MotherNurture Matrescence” and its founder/operator, Brittany Fitzgerald, or the properly attributed party. It is a violation of federal law to use any of my intellectual property in whole or in part, and modification of any materials contained on this Site is illegal and may be prosecuted to the fullest extent permissible, including asking for financial penalties (damages) and/or an injunction forcing you to stop using our intellectual property immediately. Do not try to use my content, remove it, change it, or claim to be me without written permission. 
 You may NOT use our intellectual property in any way, which includes copying and pasting any text, screenshotting or reposting an image, design or other property on another site, whether it is yours or someone else’s, including posting a quote or image on social media. NOT ALL SHARING IS CARING. I have invested a lot of time and money into creating my intellectual property and I respect intellectual property rights—as should you. Karma is real: don’t steal. 
 You may share, in its original form, my content posted publicly on my various social media platforms via the specific link, page, materials, designs, images, text, quote or post in which you found it by sharing my exact post from my social media platform page to your social media platform with the intention of sharing my content with your followers for information purposes. You may NEVER claim any of my intellectual property as your own or your original creation, however, even with attribution. 

5.0 This Agreement 

5.1 If you use other third-party services on the Site, including payment services, you will need to follow those rules or terms. If any of those rules conflict with these rules, those rules will win. 

5.2 If a court finds any of this Agreement unenforceable, the other rules will still be valid. 

5.3 Any changes to these rules must be made in writing. If I fail to enforce any of these rules for any reason, I still have the right to enforce them in the future, and my behavior will not be a waiver of my overall rights in this Agreement. 

5.4 I reserve all the rights we did not expressly grant or tell you about in this Agreement. 

5.5 No one else besides you and I (no third parties) have rights under this agreement. 

5.6 You cannot give these rights or obligations to someone else without my consent. I can give our rights and obligations to someone else, however, like if I change ownership by selling part or all of my business, or if I need to for legal reasons. 

6.0. Advertising, Affiliates and Testimonials
This site may use advertising or affiliate links to sell certain products or services. I disclaim any and all liability as a result of your purchase through one of these links. I will use reasonable efforts to notify you when and where I have placed ads or affiliate links in addition to this disclaimer located in these Terms & Conditions. You accept express liability for any and all consequences or benefits of clicking the affiliate links contained on this website or related communications. Any testimonials reflect the accurate experience of the person quoted, however, your results with any particular product or service may vary.  
7.0 Refunds & Payment Collection
 I like to have fun, but I take my business seriously. I’d appreciate your careful consideration of the service and products available on the site, and I advise you to make your purchases carefully. 
 Due to the nature of the services and/or products provided, refunds will not be given unless otherwise specified in writing. Infinity Family Services, LLC, DBA “MotherNurture Matrescence” reserves the right to charge 2% interest per day upon any outstanding sum left unpaid on or after 14 calendar days from due date.
$100 due May 1
$101.50 due May 15
$103.03 due May 16
Sent to Collections June 15
After 30 days of outstanding payment, Infinity Family Services, LLC, DBA “MotherNurture Matrescence” reserves the right to send you to collections, upon which you will owe the total amount of any outstanding payments plus any collection costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees.
8.0 Limits on Liability

8.1 Site operates as is, and I can't guarantee it will be safe and secure or will work perfectly all the time. Sometimes crazy things and mistakes happen, even when I try to find reliable vendors to help me operate the Site and its services. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, WE ALSO DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. I do not control or direct what people and others do or say, and I am not responsible for their actions or conduct (whether online or offline) or any content they share (including offensive, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful, and other objectionable content). I am also not responsible for services and features offered by other people or companies, even if you access them through our Service. You should read and agree to their rules and terms. 

8.2 I cannot predict when issues might arise with my services or courses. Accordingly, my liability shall be limited to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. I am not responsible for lost profits, data or any kind of damages connected to you using the Site. The total limit on my liability to you under these Terms is the greater of: $100 or the amount you have paid me in the past twelve months. 

8.3 You agree to defend (at my request), indemnify and hold me harmless from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees and costs, arising out of or connected with these Terms or your use of the Service. You will cooperate as required by me in the defense of any claim. I reserve the right to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter subject to indemnification by you, and you may not settle any claim without our prior written consent. 

8.4 Nothing on the site, or offered through its services or products, is intended to diagnose or treat any physical or mental illness. No information on the site is intended to be legal, medical, or financial advice and is for educational purposes only, unless clearly marked otherwise. 

9.0 How We Will Handle Disputes

9.1 I hope there won’t be any problems and that you will reach out to me if you are having issues with my service. But, if you have a legal problem with Site, you agree to use binding arbitration under the AAA, which means you will not get to go to court by yourself or with others or be part of a class-action lawsuit or arbitration. I and you waive a trial by jury. The following claims don't have to be arbitrated and may be brought to court: small claims, intellectual property disputes (like copyrights and trademarks), or efforts to interfere with the services or engage with the service in unauthorized ways. A court can also decide issues about the scope and enforceability of these arbitration provisions.

9.2 For any claim that is not arbitrated or resolved in small claims court, you agree that it will be resolved exclusively in the U.S. District Court for the District of Washington or a state court located in the state of Washington. You also agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of either of these courts for the purpose of litigating any such claim.

9.3 The laws of the State of Washington, to the extent not preempted by or inconsistent with federal law, will govern these Terms and any claim, without regard to conflict of law provisions.

9.4 I appreciate feedback, but I may use any of your comments without any obligation to pay you and do not have to keep them confidential. For questions about this policy, you can email me here( link to contact page)

Updated: October 12, 2020
1.0 Introduction
I care about your privacy online, so here is relevant information regarding privacy on our website My goal is to safeguard the privacy of all our visitors and users. Please make sure you understand our practices before you use my site. 
2.0 No Children’s Use
My website is not intended for children, which is defined as anyone under 13 years of age in the US and anyone under 16 in the EU. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian be willing to agree to these terms on their behalf. If you are a child under these definitions, you may not use or provide any information on this Website; use any of its features or register; make any purchases; use any of the interactive or public comment features; or provide any information about yourself to us.
If I learn that I have received personal information from a child without parental consent, I will delete that information. If you believe I might have any information from or about a child under 13, please contact me via email here (link to contact page)

3.0 Data: Do I collect it, and what do I do with it? (For EU visitors)

3.1 Data Collection Table
NAME Provide goods/services; I will ask for consent
                                                                                       Personalize website/email experience;
                                                                                       Protect my company

EMAIL ADDRESS Provide goods/services I will ask for consent
                                                                                       Send emails about goods/services

ADDRESS Provide goods/services Deliver goods/services as part of transaction

BILLING INFORMATION Collect payment for goods/services Contracted purchase

QUESTIONS To answer questions and improve site Need questions to provide answers
                                                                                     experience and offerings.

AGE Improve site experience and offerings. I will ask for consent

HOUSEHOLD INCOME Improve site experience and offerings. I will ask for consent

TYPE OF BUSINESS Improve site experience and offerings. I will ask for consent

3.2 Who Has Access To The Data We Collect?
I process and store data I collect from you, but I may also use third parties to assist me with processing your personal data including the following categories of vendors:
Financial transaction processors (PayPal, Square)
Customer service communication platforms
(I use a third-party screen-printer to service all attire orders from my shop. Your information will be shared with them in order for them to fulfill and ship your orders)
Contest and survey platforms
Email communication managers
Marketing funnel providers
Website management services
Website design and programming services (Wix)
Website analytics services (Google Analytics, Squarespace Analystics)
Any of these third parties who help process or store your data have written agreements with me that prevent them from using, sharing, or storing your personal data for any other purpose than the scope of my contracted terms with them.  

3.3 Legitimate Interest:
I claim a legitimate interest for processing your personal information when you submit the information with an expectation that it will be processed without any impact on you.
If you have questions about your data, what I use it for, or the basis for me collecting it, please contact me via email here (link to contact page)

3.4 How Long Do I Keep Your Data?
I keep your personal data for differing periods of time depending on why I gathered it: 
Opt-In to [Newsletter, Email Course, Program]: 36 months
Waiting List: 24 months
Transaction: Four years for tax audit purposes.
Submitting Questions: Five years
Survey data: 24 months
Lessons: 24 months
If a legal claim arises involving your data, I will store and disclose that data to the relevant parties until the matter has been resolved. 
3.5 Your Right To Ask For Corrections, Erasure, And Export Of Your Data:
You have the right to control your personal data. Specifically, you have the following rights:
The right to be informed: I am informing you now with this policy.

The right of access: I will provide you with the data I have about you.

The right to rectification: Request I fix incorrect data about you.

The right to erasure: Request I erase certain data about you.

The right to restrict processing: Ask me to restrict certain type of processing of your personal information.

The right to data portability: Ask me to provide your personal data I have for export.

The right to object: Object to how I use your data.
Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling: I don’t profile you, but keep in mind you have this right with other sites.

To exercise any of these rights, please contact me via email here (link to contact page) with your request.

3.6 Your Right To Withdraw Consent:
Although this is mentioned above, I want to emphasize that wherever I’ve asked for your consent to collect or process your personal data, you have the right to withdraw that consent. If you receive email messages from me, you can use the Unsubscribe link in each message to withdraw consent and stop the mailings. Alternatively, you can contact me via email here (link to contact page) with your request.

3.7 Do We Transfer Your Data To Third Countries?
No. I am located in the United States. Your data is collected and held here.

3.8 Privacy Concerns, Contacting Us, Complaints:
You can contact brittany at (no spaces). with any questions or requests about these policies or your personal data. If, after contacting me, you feel a privacy issue has not be resolved, you have the right to file a complaint with a Supervisory Authority such as the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland.
Data Controller
Representative: Brittany Fitzgerald, Infinity Family Services, LLC
You can also send correspondence via email here (link to contact page)
3.9 Cookies and Similar Technologies:
Like many websites, this site uses cookies and similar technologies to track particular aspects of you and other people who visit. Cookies are tiny files that are downloaded to your computer to track particular aspects of your activity online to help me learn certain things about my website. This tracking is done to provide me with information on how people move about the site, what is of interest to them and what is not, how my marketing is performing, and incidental items such as what percentage of users access the site from a personal computer versus a mobile phone. You may block most cookies by adjusting your browser settings as well as responding to cookie consent notices. You may respond to cookie notices that may appear when you visit this site. This site uses the following cookies: 

4.0 For California Folks 
4.1 Do Not Track Signals:
Pursuant to the California Online Privacy Protection Act, I hereby disclose that I do not currently honor Do Not Track signals issued by browsers or other third-party sources.

4.2 California Eraser Law
If you are an individual under 18 and have provided personal information or content to me in some manner, you have the right to request the deletion of that information pursuant to the “California Eraser Law.” Contact me to make such a request via email here (link to contact page)

5.0 For Our Valued Friends Regardless of Location

5.1 Privacy Policy Modifications and Updates:
I may update and modify this Privacy Policy at any time. I will post a notice on the site 30 days before the change goes into effect and forward an email message to you should I have an email address for you. You may or may not notice the changes. 

5.2 Legal Disclosures of Personal Information:
I may process, store, and disclose personal information if required to do so by law or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to 1) conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on us; 2) protect and defend my rights or property; or 3) act under exigent circumstances to protect the safety of the public or users of the site.

5.3 DMCA Disclosures:
I comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. As part of the compliance process, I may be required to disclose whatever information I have for you to a copyright holder who has submitted a complaint to me.

5.4. Public Interaction with Others:
If you interact with others on our website, such as participating in a group chat or a group online course, in a forum, or make a comment on a post, or otherwise interact with other users—they may have access to some of your data, including your name, profile picture, and your history of interaction with our website, such as prior comments or posts. Please remember that any information you provide is not private and that the Internet rarely forgets. Any publicly posted can be viewed, well, publicly, and could be viewed by anyone, including family, friends, media, investigators, and potential employers conducting background checks.

5.5 Third Party Websites:
I link to other sites, but please keep in mind that I do not control the privacy policies of those sites. Make sure to review the policies of these sites before providing your personal information.

5.6 Sale of Business:
Should I sell a portion or all of this site or my business, your personal information will be an asset transferred to the new owner. 

5.7 Affiliates:
I may share your personal information with affiliates who promote my products or services for a commission fee. I require my affiliates to honor this Privacy Policy. They are not allowed to spam you and must disclose they are an affiliate for me. If they do not do so, they are in violation of their affiliate terms and this Privacy Policy, and any violation of this nature should be reported via email here (link to contact page)
6.0. Miscellaneous Legal 
6.1 Severability:
If any part of this Privacy Policy is deemed unlawful and/or unenforceable, all other provisions contained herein will remain in full force and effect.
6.2 Entire Agreement:
The information contained herein constitutes the entire agreement between site users and our company relating to the use of this website.
6.3 Law and Jurisdiction:
This Privacy Policy is governed by and construed in accordance with United States law. Any dispute arising out of or related to the information contained herein is subject to adjudication in the state of Washington, United States.
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please email me here (link to contact page)

Updated October 7th, 2020
Medical Advice Disclaimer 
Everything on this site, associated social media, printed materials, and any other content associated with Infinity Family Services, LLC, DBA “MotherNurture Matrescence” is for general informational purposes only. Nothing is intended to diagnose or treat any condition, illness or disease. Content from this site or connected social media channels, courses, student workbooks, and all other printed materials is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. 
As health and nutrition research continuously evolves, I do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any information presented on this website. Please consult with a physician or licensed mental health professional before starting any new fitness or nutritional regime and/or making any medical, physical or emotional decisions for yourself, your pregnancy or on behalf of your partner or children.
Professional Advice Disclaimer
For general informational purposes only. Nothing on this site is intended to be financial, legal or medical. Please consult with a licensed professional in their field of expertise in your jurisdiction.

Earnings Disclaimer
While I make every effort to ensure that I accurately represent all the products and services reviewed on this website and their potential for income, it should be noted that earnings and income statements I myself make, or those made by other distributors, or our parent company are estimates only of what I think you can possibly earn if you choose to become an affiliate for my business. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual.
As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.
There is no assurance that examples of past earnings can be duplicated in the future. We cannot guarantee your future results and/or success. There are some unknown risks in business and on the internet that we cannot foresee which could reduce results you experience. I am not responsible for your actions. The use of my information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that neither myself nor my parent company, nor any advertisers / sponsors of this website are liable for any success or failure of your business that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of our information, products and services reviewed or advertised on this website.
Testimonial Disclaimer
These examples are not typical. Because of the variables associated with defining success, and because those variables are so personalized, it is impossible to accurately state what an individual may or may not achieve. Success is determined on an individual basis and is dependent on a variety of factors including willingness to take action and implement ideas based on what is taught, prevailing market conditions, target market selection, and the amount of hard work and effort an individual expends. The customers depicted in any testimonials have declared that the information shared is true and accurate of their experience. The written, audio and visual presentations offered may have been edited from their original versions. Some personal and private information has been removed in order to protect privacy.​

FTC Affiliate Disclosure
I earn money by participating in affiliate programs. Many of the links on this website (and also those in our email newsletter) may earn affiliate commissions. This means I earn money when you purchase a product from our link, at no cost to you. When you see links on this blog, please assume they are affiliate links. However, all opinions shared are our own and I only share products and services that I actually love. 


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