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But wait…Are There Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy? There are some foods to avoid during pregnancy. But friends, a lot of fear is built around certain foods during pregnancy. So I won’t list out all the “good” and “bad” foods and drinks. Instead, I’ll just tell you what we know and let you make the […]

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Baby Care, Pregnancy

woman eating pasta and not foods to avoid during pregnancy
Feb 13, 2023
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How Much Water Should Your Drink During Pregnancy?  Hydration is important during pregnancy. Do you know how much water you should drink? Drinking water is always essential no matter who you are, but when you’re building a little mini-you plus being human, it’s exxxxxxtra important. No, like, really. You can’t just slather on lotion and […]

How Much Water Should You Drink? Pregnancy Edition


Young, blond woman drinking a glass of water
Jan 2, 2023
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I’m sure you’ve heard by now. Prenatal vitamins are recommended even before you conceive to prepare for pregnancy and ensure you’ve got the proper nutrients to grow a human!  But mama, you might be spending A LOT of money on a prenatal vitamin that may or may not contain what you and Baby actually need.  […]

What is the Best Prenatal? Consider these Nutrient-Dense Foods Instead

Birth, Pregnancy

Nov 23, 2022
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The physical effects of the first trimester can vary greatly for everyone. Some may only notice feeling tired but notice no other changes. Others may not notice any symptoms at all. Then there are those that get hit with all of the symptoms in the first trimester (and beyond), like major fatigue, morning sickness (or […]

Coping with First Trimester Morning Sickness

Pregnancy, Spokane CDA Magazine

Nov 17, 2022
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The thing about preparing for pregnancy is that it’s not all gloom and doom-insert morning sickness, cankles (fat ankles), fatigue and constipation. But it also isn’t just this glowy, magical, time that you can just float through. You can’t just walk into birth unprepared and catch your baby effortlessly in a mountain stream with river […]

How to Prepare for Pregnancy: Body and Mind

Motherhood, Pregnancy

Nov 16, 2022

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